-How the project was born and why it is important-

Being out as gay for a long time, I, the creator, have been receiving
a massive amount of love and support from my surroundings.
At the same time however, I have realized that not everyone feels the same way as me.

Some gay people are suffering with coming out.
One of the primary reasons (especially in Japan, my home country) is that
they cannot expect how straight people will react to their coming out.
This fear and uncertainty is oftentimes only alleviated by learning about what
s t r a i g h t people think of the LGBT community and of the coming out experience in general.
I had been thinking of the way to help ease this fear, bridge the gap in understanding,
and eventually create a community where everyone is wecomed as who they are.
This is how I came up with the project.

The project is to collect voices from straight community and cast them on the LGBT community.
I want to raise awareness of the LGBT and coming out experience from the viewpoint of straight people.
I have zero intent on making this project educational or didactic
or claiming that 'coming out is a good thing', which is not necessarily true.
Surely, there are some who are comfortable without coming out, and I respect their choice.

So this project is hoped to be informative yet open to interpretation.